How We Work

We ensure the smooth and agreeable progress of every project by carrying out its work, from planning
to supervision and sign off, in a series of four stages. (In a fifth stage we will also, should you require, carry out the purchase of all furniture, fittings and equipment on your behalf.) These stages are specified precisely in
the contract we will supply to you along with our Fee Proposal, but the principal elements of each stage
are as follows:

Stage 1

Planning & Conceptual Design

We meet with you (or an agent appointed by you) to discuss your requirements, agree on specific design and function criteria, talk over very initial design ideas and estimate the likely costs involved. We then prepare preliminary floor plans, layouts, colour schemes and furniture drawings and present these with properly estimated costs and a preliminary timetable. By the conclusion of this stage, you will have approved an initial floor plan and colour schemes.

Stage 2

Design Drawings and Specification book

The next stage is for us to prepare drawings and specifications showing spatial arrangements, materials and finishes, colour schemes, appearance, and furniture and fittings in sufficient detail for contractors to be able to submit tenders, and for those chosen then to be able to produce detailed drawings for our approval.

We then prepare a Specification Book, which details (and in many cases illustrates) loose furniture, decorative lighting, furnishings and materials. Each item is coded to a specific location and these codes then appear on our FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) drawings to ensure correct installation. Manufacturers and/or suggested suppliers are identified, together with anticipated delivery periods and estimated costs. By the end of this stage, we will have supplied the design drawings and Specification Book to you so that you may obtain tenders.

Stage 3

Tenders bidding & negotiations

At this point, we prepare any submissions that may be required for approval by your Landlord (in leasehold properties), and will then assist you in inviting tenders for the work, recommending suitable contractors. We will review returned tenders, assist in any negotiations required and advise on the appointment of suitable contractors. By the end of this phase you will have appointed the principal contractor for your project.

Stage 4

supervision & inspection

Once the refurbishment work commences, we will make periodic visits to the site to ensure that the work is being carried out in line with our drawings and specifications. Should we be required, for any reason, to make more supervisory visits than we would consider reasonable, we may seek to agree additional compensation with you. By the conclusion of this stage, we will have certified that your contractors have completed all works to our satisfaction; or else have provided you with a schedule of defects and omissions.

Stage 5

furniture fixtures & equipment

If you would like us to, we will be pleased to arrange the purchase of all furniture, fittings and equipment on your behalf, and to arrange for you to buy these at nett cost, including passing to you the full benefit of any trade discounts for which we qualify. The contract for purchase for all such items will be directly between you and their suppliers. We charge an additional 20% of the nett value of each supplier invoice as a purchasing fee for this service.